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Bread Drawing Tumblr

Posted on 13 February, 2019 by Nicola
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1. Kawaii Bread By Elgranl On Deviantart

Kawaii Bread By Elgranl On Deviantart  DownloadSource: elgranl.deviantart.com

Breadon lear drawing. Hi evrybody ! I'm Rebel ( Aka : Breadon Lear ). Welcome on my drawing blog. I made concept art, chara design, matte painting, comics and illustration. May the force be with you !

Bread Drawing Tumblr pictures simple breadboard banana .... The mechanical pencil lets me bring the fine information and the 7B permits me to push the darker areas, adding contrast. When it has to do with brushes, the form of brush and the size make a big difference.

I am bread.. a very pretty drawing from when i was just trying out this chibi-ish style 😬 ∗ go home ∗ send mail ∗ archive ∗

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