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Car License Types

Posted on 14 April, 2019 by Linda
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mobizim.com -Car License Types Practice License. Type 1 (1종) – Allows one to drive a vehicle with less than 15 seats, a cargo truck with a load limit of 12 tonnes, when the driver is driving with somebody with a licens which isn't a practice license.

1. Licence Classes

Licence Classes  DownloadSource: www.transport.tas.gov.au

Car License Types . ifreeface.com-Car License Types Listed below are the different Commercial, Non-Commercial, ID, and Permit types that are provided by the Department of Driver Services.

Licence classes. The class of licence you need depends on what type of vehicle you wish to drive. All states and territories in Australia have the same licence classes.

Types of car number plates in. gallerymariko.com-Plate builder number 1 plates. Most UK cars will require the standard car plate (522mm wide x 112mm high). Some are model specific which you'll see listed here.

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