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Pot Belly Pigs

Posted on 27 December, 2017 by Gaia
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mobizim.com -Pot Belly Pigs Pot-bellied pigs, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, and Chinese pot-bellied pigs grow to a range from 125 pounds to over 200 pounds and 16 to 26 inches tall. Some breeders also use this range for miniature pot-bellied pigs.

1. Pot-bellied Pig

Pot-bellied Pig  DownloadSource: americanminipigassociation.com

Pot Belly Pigs pot-bellied. Vietnamese Pot-bellied is the exonym for the Lon I (Vietnamese: Lợn Ỉ) or I pig, an endangered traditional Vietnamese breed of small domestic pig.

Lifespan and care of potbellied pigs. Pot bellied pigs have been gaining in popularity for several years. Many celebrities have owned pot bellied pigs and in 2010 vouchers for Royal Dandie Miniature pet pigs (pigs that stay under 40lbs.) were even given away to some at the Golden Globes.

Pot belly pig care. This is my pot belly pig Boone :) we got him at 11 weeks he is 4 months old I should of said we've had him about 2 months. He is really warming up to us.

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