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Spiral Zetsu

Posted on 12 May, 2018 by Elisa
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mobizim.com -Spiral Zetsu Tobi was presumed to have the standard abilities White Zetsu possess, such as their signature Mayfly. Tobi and White Zetsu claimed to have vocabularies and brains that surpass those of humans. Like White Zetsu, Tobi could survive without food or water and did not need to carry out normal bodily functions.

1. Spiral Zetsu Helping Obito

Spiral Zetsu Helping Obito  DownloadSource: animeipics.wordpress.com

Spiral Zetsu ( ssbb rpg. Spiral Zetsu est un subordonné de Madara Uchiha et a été affecté à l'aide Obito Uchiha côté blanc Zetsu. Dans Super Smash Bros RPG/All-Stars Battle Royale. C'est un Boss Secret. Il peut absorber les smashers. Rôle dans L'Emissaire Subspatial Spiral Zetsu Debut Manga Naruto Shippuden Apparaît

Spiral zetsu. Spiral Zetsu April 22, 2017 · The DVD box sets for Naruto Shippuden: Volume 31 will contain 2 discs and will cover episodes from 389 till 402, lincesed by VIZ, english dubbed and english subtitled.

Automotive wallpaper. mobizim.com-Spiral Zetsu Tobi and White Zetsu overseeing Obito's rehabilitation. He was originally a human victim of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's Infinite Tsukuyomi, who was tethered to the God Tree over the course of years until transforming.

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